5 Examples of Truly Unique Company Culture

When I start a job search, a huge factor that notates whether or not I send in an application is a company culture I can see myself contributing to and thriving in. I am totally one of the candidates who won’t apply to a company with a negative reputation.

How HubSpot Uses Influencer Marketing to Build Authentic Relationships and Reach New Audiences

What do you picture when you think about influencer marketing? At first thought, I picture a lifestyle blogger holding a popular tea, makeup, or activewear brand in an Instagram post. (Perhaps I need to mix up my Instagram following … 🤔)

How to Successfully Migrate a Website Without Harming SEO [Checklist]

There’s nothing more frustrating than going to a website and trying to navigate an outdated webpage. Actually, one thing might be worse: the dreaded 404 error status code. These are warning signs that a website needs to be migrated or was migrated incorrectly.

The Plain-English Guide to Semantic Search in 2020

Like many kids, when I was younger, I used to spend Christmas Eve eagerly awaiting the morning when I’d run downstairs and see a mountain of presents to unwrap.

I imagine search engine optimizers feel the same way when the news hits of a new Google algorithm update.

What Do Contractors Own? A Guide to Freelance Copyright

When I was a young teenager, I used to write songs with my best friend.

We knew that one day we’d be famous songwriters (because, of course we would), and we didn’t want to fight about who owned the songs when we were famous.

30 Reddit Stats and Facts to Know in 2020

Since it launched in 2005, Reddit has remained a mystery to many marketers.

15 Tips That Make Freelance Writers Successful

When I scroll through Facebook and Instagram, I often see ads from people who are freelance writers, promoting the “working from anywhere” lifestyle.

Ephemeral Content: How & Why to Invest in Content That Disappears

Last year, Sony Pictures earned over 45 million impressions and made over a million in incremental movie ticket purchases.

Essential Web Design Stats for 2020 [New Research]

As people spend more and more time online, the role of the web designer has become increasingly crucial.

How to Conduct the Perfect Marketing Experiment [+ Examples]

After months of hard work, multiple coffee runs, and navigation of the latest industry changes, you’ve finally finished the next big marketing campaign.