The Scarcity Principle: How 7 Brands Created High Demand [Research]

If you took the same Introduction to Economics class that I struggled through in college, you might remember this key lesson:

The law of supply and demand states that a low supply and high demand for a product will typically increase its price.

10 Ways to Reach Customers Who Don’t Know They Need You

Event planner, lawyer, daycare owner, tow truck driver. Regardless of our chosen professions, it’s fair to say that we all want to build our businesses’ customer bases. It’s how we thrive. So it’s only natural for us to want to market our products or services to everyone, in hopes of capturing a larger audience and thus making more money.

5 Steps to Build an Enterprise Data Strategy, Straight From an Expert

Data can be a scary word.

What Does it Mean to Use Concatenate in Excel [+ Why It Matters]

Copy and paste shortcuts are handy until you have hundreds of data points to manually combine and reformat.

How to Calculate Standard Deviation in Excel, and Why It Matters for Marketers

If you’ve ever taken a statistics class, the words ‘standard deviation’ might intimidate you. This complex formula provides insightful information for datasets that averages alone cannot reveal, and thankfully, Excel makes calculating this statistic easier than putting pencil to paper.

The Best Video Formats on Instagram [New Data]

As a millennial, it’s no surprise that Instagram is one of my favorite social media platforms. This network is the third most popular social media site for Gen Z and millennial audiences.

While scrolling through the site is the easiest thing to do, posting the right content for your audience isn’t.

12 Tips on How to Become a Manager: From 5 People Who Did

So, you want to become a manager.

The million-dollar question is, how do you get noticed?

Some say it’s by taking on big projects. Others believe face-to-face interactions with upper management are key. The truth is, it’s a combination of those two steps and many others.

4 Easy Steps to Get a Custom Email Domain [+ Key Features to Look For]

There are a few things in life that can earn you that “official” status.

How Consumer Spending Habits Could Change in 2021 [New Data]

As businesses and economies closed down due to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, consumers also tightened up their budgets.

15 Stunning Examples of Small Business Website Design

If you’re a small business, your website has a big impact on your success. Research shows that roughly a third of people use the web to find local businesses. Honestly, I’m surprised that number isn’t higher.